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Mackson Division

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Mackson Division is the Leading Supplier of Nuclear Fasteners, Structural Steel, Tubing and Certified Nuclear Components

Customers rely on Mackson as a leading domestic supplier of nuclear safety related and ASME code materials, including OEM and specialty engineered items. We can assist in the development and implementation of fastener standardization and consolidation programs. Our structural steel sourcing capability has helped us become one of the leading providers of structural steel for nuclear plant capital projects.

Mackson understands the unique challenges of the nuclear industry.  The certification and safety of the parts we supply is our top priority.  We manage commercial grade dedication ensuring the components supplied to nuclear plants are safe and traceable.  Nuclear obsolescence management helps provide continued supply of unsupported components for vital nuclear power plant applications.  Mackson has dedicated resources to manufacture and supply these parts to stringent specifications.

The people at Mackson have the knowledge and experience necessary to help make your projects successful. We have been serving the nuclear industry since 1984 and our sales and quality assurance personnel have a combined experience of more than 100 years in all facets of nuclear fasteners.  As a key part of MetalTek Energy Group, Mackson helps nuclear customers source one link or multiple links of their supply chain from a single source.  We currently serve many of the largest customers in the industry and our personal, customized service is second to none.

Mackson Nuclear Certifications

The Mackson Product Line Includes:

Studs (All Diameters)


Threaded Rod (All Diameters)






Structural Shapes and Plate

Specialty Mackson Nuclear Items

Materials available for spent fuel storage canister procurement, specializing in accurate cost analysis.

Expedited deliveries, proven track record in nuclear utility contract management & reducing plant inventories

To contact Mackson, please call 800-634-8176.

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