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Ask the Metals Experts


Centrifugal Casting Process

Image of Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Process

Image of Vertical Centrifugal Casting Process

Centrifugal castinghorizontal and vertical.

World’s Largest Die Inventory

The largest inventory of centrifugal dies in the world. Many horizontal and vertical configurations. Zero tooling cost is likely for most applications. Dies can also be optimized for larger / long running projects.

Metal Alloys & Modifications

Additional Casting Capabilities

Intricate detail is added, ideal for complex parts with bosses, pads, flanges, ribs, etc. Considerable machining cost is avoided by casting in the shape. Near net shaping can be gained through the use of sand inserts placed in the rotating die to add shape to the O.D. of the centrifugally cast part.

Removes contaminants for further alloy refining to help achieve optimum cost and alloy control.

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