Bearing Bronze

These alloys are superior bearing alloys when all properties and costs are considered.  The family includes several brasses and many of the material grades include lead, which helps deliver lubricity and superior friction properties. MetalTek's proprietary Bearium alloy family, long applied globally for high wear environments, including those that are difficult to access or maintain, are considered bearing bronzes.  

  • BEARIUM® B-10

  • BEARIUM® B-11

  • BEARIUM® B-4

  • BEARIUM® B-8

  • C92700

    Cast UNS: C92700

    Cast Grade: C92700

    Cast ASTM: B505

  • C94100

    Cast UNS: C94100

    Cast Grade: C94100

    Cast ASTM: B67

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

  • C93800

    Cast UNS: C93800

    Cast Grade: C93800

    Cast ASTM: B271, B66, B584

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

    Other: SAE 67 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C93900

    Cast UNS: C93900

    Cast Grade: C93900

    Cast ASTM: B505

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

  • C93700

    Cast UNS: C93700

    Cast Grade: C93700

    Cast ASTM: B271, B22, B584

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

    Other: SAE 64 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C93200

    Cast UNS: C93200

    Cast Grade: C93200

    Cast ASTM: B271, B505, B584

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345-12

    Other: SAE 660 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C84400

    Cast UNS: C84400

    Cast Grade: C84400

    Cast ASTM: B271, B505, B584, B763

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

  • C83600

    Cast UNS: C83600

    Cast Grade: C83600

    Cast ASTM: B271, B62, B584

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345G-1

    Other: SAE 40 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C93400

    Cast UNS: C93400

    Cast Grade: C93400

    Cast ASTM: B505

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

  • C93500

    Cast UNS: C93500

    Cast Grade: C93500

    Cast ASTM: B271, B505, B763

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

  • C93600

    Cast UNS: C93600

    Cast Grade: C93600

    Cast ASTM: B271, B505

  • C94300

    Cast UNS: C94300

    Cast Grade: C94300

    Cast ASTM: B271, B505, B584

  • C94500

    Cast UNS: C94500

    Cast Grade: C94500

    Cast ASTM: B66

  • C90300

    Cast UNS: C90300

    Cast Grade: C90300

    Cast ASTM: B271, B584

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345-8

    Other: SAE 620 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C92300

    Cast UNS: C92300

    Cast Grade: C92300

    Cast ASTM: B271, B584

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345-10

    Other: SAE 621 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C92200

    Cast UNS: C92200

    Cast Grade: C92200

    Cast ASTM: B271, B61, B584

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345-9

    Other: SAE 622 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C83800

    Cast UNS: C83800

    Cast Grade: C83800

    Cast ASTM: B271, B505 B584

  • C85700

    Cast UNS: C85700

    Cast Grade: C85700

    Cast ASTM: B271, B505 B584