Nickel / Cobalt Alloys

Nickel / Cobalt superalloys are high performance materials for demanding applications that require high tensile and yield strength, and ductility, over a wide temperature range. Chrome, nickel, and cobalt are predominant elements, though many others (including aluminum, tungsten, and molybdenum) are frequently used. The alloys are poured in a vacuum to prevent oxidation during the casting process.

  • GTD 222

  • Alloy 188

    Cast Grade: Alloy 188

    Wrought UNS: R30188

    Military / AMS: AMS 5772 (bars, forgings and rings)

  • Alloy 100

    Cast UNS: N13100

    Cast Grade: Alloy 100

    Wrought Grade: IN® 100

    Military / AMS: AMS 5397 (INVEST)

  • Alloy 713

    Cast Grade: Alloy 713

    Wrought UNS: N07713

    Wrought Grade: IN® 713

    Military / AMS: AMS 5377 (INVEST); AMS 5391 (INVEST)

  • Alloy 718

    Cast Grade: Alloy 718

    Wrought UNS: N07718

    Wrought Grade: IN® 718

    Military / AMS: AMS 5383

    Other: NACE MR0175

  • Alloy 909

    Cast Grade: Alloy 909

    Wrought UNS: N19909

  • MAR-M-247®

    Cast Grade: MAR-M-247®

  • MAR-M-509®

    Cast Grade: MAR-M-509®

  • Alloy R41

    Cast Grade: Alloy R41

    Wrought UNS: N07041

    Wrought Grade: Rene® 41

    Military / AMS: AMS 5399 (AMS specifying investment casting)

  • X-45

    Cast Grade: X-45

    Cast ASTM: A567

  • RENE® 220

    Wrought Grade: RENE® 220

  • RENE® 77

    Wrought Grade: RENE® 77


    Cast Grade: ULTIMET®

    Wrought UNS: R31233


    Cast Grade: WASPALOY®

    Wrought UNS: N07001

    Wrought Grade: Waspaloy