Severe Corrosion and Heat Resistant

High levels of chrome, nickel, and molybdenum make these truly premium materials, both in performance and cost. They are typically used in extreme high temperature, high corrosion, high pressure environments where their strong resistance to oxidation is worth the additional cost.


    Wrought UNS: N06635

  • Alloy 120

    Wrought UNS: N08120

  • Alloy 617

    Cast Grade: Alloy 617

    Wrought UNS: N06617

    Wrought Grade: INCONEL® 617

  • CW-6MC

    Cast UNS: N26625

    Cast Grade: CW-6MC

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N06625

    Wrought Grade: INCONEL® 625

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-24615, AMS 5401, AMS 5402 (AMS specifying inv casting)

  • Alloy 718

    Cast UNS: N07718

    Cast Grade: Alloy 718

    Cast ASTM: NACE MR0175

    Wrought UNS: N07718

    Wrought Grade: INCONEL® 718

    Military / AMS: AMS 5383 (AMS specifying investment casting)

  • CU5MCuC

    Cast UNS: N08826

    Cast Grade: CU5MCuC

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N08825

    Wrought Grade: INCOLOY® 825

  • Alloy X

    Cast Grade: Alloy X

    Wrought UNS: N06002

    Military / AMS: AMS 5390 (AMS specifying investment casting)

  • CW-12MW

    Cast UNS: N30002

    Cast Grade: CW-12MW

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N10276

  • CW-2M

    Cast UNS: N26455

    Cast Grade: CW-2M

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N06455

    Military / AMS: AMS 5408 (AMS specifying centrifugal casting)

  • CX-2MW

    Cast UNS: N26022

    Cast Grade: CX-2MW

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N06022

  • CY40

    Cast UNS: N06040

    Cast Grade: CY40

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N06600

    Wrought Grade: INCONEL® 600

  • CZ-100

    Cast UNS: N02100

    Cast Grade: CZ-100

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N02200

    Wrought Grade: NICKEL 200

  • N-12MV

    Cast UNS: N30012

    Cast Grade: N-12MV

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N10665

    Military / AMS: AMS 5396 (AMS specifying inv casting)

  • N-7M

    Cast UNS: N30007

    Cast Grade: N-7M

    Cast ASTM: A494

    Wrought UNS: N10001

  • MTEK N155

    Wrought UNS: R30155

    Military / AMS: AMS 5376 (AMS specifying investment casting)

  • Alloy 230

    Wrought UNS: N06230