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Cast Grade: Alloy 617

OVERVIEW: MTEK 617 is a nickel-chromium alloy that has superior strength and oxidation resistance at extremely high temperatures. In addition, it has good resistance in corrosive environments.

TYPICAL USES: Petrochemical applications, turbine engine components, and chemical porcessing. 

MetalTek Grade: MTEK 617

Similar Specifications

Cast Grade: Alloy 617

Wrought UNS: N06617

Wrought Grade: INCONEL® 617

Typical Chemical Composition (% by wt.)

Cr: 20 - 24

Mn: 1.00

Ni: Bal

Si: 1.00

C Max: 0.15

Other: Co 10-15; Mo 8-10; Fe; AI

Minimum Mechanical Properties

Brinell Typical: 170

Tensile, ksi: 70

Tensile, MPa: 485

Yield, ksi: 40

Yield, MPa: 275

Elongation %: 25