Tool Steels

Tool steels are high carbon chrome steels containing differing amounts of molybdenum, cobalt and/or vanadium or other elements. Certain tool steels are engineered to withstand repeated high specific loads and impacts at ambient temperature with exceptional wear resistance, while others will exhibit stability at elevated temperatures and repeated high loads.

  • CA2

    Cast UNS: T90102

    Cast Grade: CA2

    Cast ASTM: A597

    Wrought UNS: T30102

    Wrought Grade: AISI A2

  • A6

    Cast Grade: A6

    Wrought UNS: T30106

    Wrought Grade: AISI A6

  • CD2

    Cast UNS: T90402

    Cast Grade: CD2

    Cast ASTM: A597

    Wrought UNS: T30402

    Wrought Grade: AISI D2

  • CD5

    Cast UNS: T90405

    Cast Grade: CD5

    Cast ASTM: A597

    Wrought UNS: T30405

    Wrought Grade: AISI D5

  • CH13

    Cast UNS: T90813

    Cast Grade: CH13

    Cast ASTM: A597

    Wrought UNS: T20813

    Wrought Grade: AISI H13