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Cast Grade: Alloy R41

OVERVIEW: Nickel based alloy with exceptional resistance to high temperatures along with high strength.

TYPICAL USES: Turbine engine parts, marine applications, and aerospace.

MetalTek Grade: MTEK R41

Similar Specifications

Cast Grade: Alloy R41

Wrought UNS: N07041

Wrought Grade: Rene® 41

Military / AMS: AMS 5399 (AMS specifying investment casting)

Typical Chemical Composition (% by wt.)

Al: 1.5

Cr: 20

Mn: 0.5

Ni: Bal

Si: 0.5

C Max: 0.1

Other: Mo 10; Ti 3; Co 11; B 0.01

Minimum Mechanical Properties

Tensile, ksi: 110

Tensile, MPa: 755

Yield, ksi: 90

Yield, MPa: 620

Elongation %: 3