Austenitic Stainless Steels

Of all elements added to the basic alloy of chromium and iron, nickel is the most important.  It not only improves corrosion resistance, but also changes the alloy’s structure and mechanical properties. The change in structure through austenization is accompanied by corresponding changes in ductility and toughness.  Austenitic stainless alloys make up a family of stainless steels that are by far the most widely used of all types.

  • CF16F

    Cast UNS: J92701

    Cast Grade: CF16F

    Cast ASTM: A743,CF16F (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S30300

    Wrought Grade: 303

  • CF16a

    Cast Grade: CF16a

    Cast ASTM: A743, CF16Fa (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

  • CF8, CF8A

    Cast UNS: J92600

    Cast Grade: CF8, CF8A

    Cast ASTM: A351, CF8 (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S30400

    Wrought Grade: 304

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-24707-3,CF8; MIL-S -867A Cl 1; MIL-S-17509 Cl III; MIL-S-23193,Comp A and more...

  • CF3, CF3A

    Cast UNS: J92500

    Cast Grade: CF3, CF3A

    Cast ASTM: A351, CF3* (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S30403

    Wrought Grade: 304L

    Military / AMS: MIL-S-81591,IC-304L (INVEST)

  • CH20

    Cast UNS: J93400

    Cast Grade: CH20

    Cast ASTM: A351, CH20 (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S30900

    Wrought Grade: 309

  • CK20

    Cast UNS: J94202

    Cast Grade: CK20

    Cast ASTM: A351, CH20 (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S31000

    Wrought Grade: 310

  • CF8M

    Cast UNS: J92900

    Cast Grade: CF8M

    Cast ASTM: A351, CF8M (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S31600

    Wrought Grade: 316

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-24707-3 CF8M (CENT, INVEST, SAND); MIL-S-81591 (IC-316) I; AMS 5360

  • CF3M

    Cast UNS: J92800

    Cast Grade: CF3M

    Cast ASTM: A351 CF3M A743 CF3M, A744 CF3M (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S31603

    Wrought Grade: 316L

  • CG8M

    Cast UNS: J93000

    Cast Grade: CG8M

    Cast ASTM: A351 CG8M, A743 CG8M, A744 CG8M (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S31700

    Wrought Grade: 317

  • CG3M

    Cast UNS: J92999

    Cast Grade: CG3M

    Cast ASTM: A351 CG3M, A743 CG3M, A744 CG3M (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S31703

    Wrought Grade: 317L

  • CF8C

    Cast UNS: J92710

    Cast Grade: CF8C

    Cast ASTM: A351 CF8C, A743 CF8C, A744 CF8C (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

    Wrought UNS: S34700

    Wrought Grade: 347

    Military / AMS: MIL-S-81591,IC-347 (INVEST); AMS 5364

  • CE20N

    Cast UNS: N08007

    Cast Grade: CE20N

    Cast ASTM: A351, CE20N (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

  • CH10

    Cast UNS: J93401

    Cast Grade: CH10

    Cast ASTM: A351 CH10, A743 CH10 (CENT, INVEST, SAND)

  • NITRONIC 33®

    Cast Grade: NITRONIC 33®

    Wrought UNS: S24000

  • 21-6-9

    Cast Grade: 21-6-9

    Wrought UNS: S21900

  • CG6MMN

    Cast UNS: J93790

    Cast Grade: CG6MMN


    Wrought UNS: S20910

  • CF10SMnN

    Cast UNS: J92972

    Cast Grade: CF10SMnN


    Wrought UNS: S21800