Martensitic Stainless Steels

The addition of sufficient carbon to alloys of chromium and iron results in alloys that are true steels in that they can be hardened and tempered.  Corrosion resistance is reduced somewhat by the addition of carbon, but that reduction is mitigated when these alloys are fully hardened and stress relieved.  Consequently, the higher carbon alloys (over 0.15%) are normally used only in the fully hardened and stress relieved condition.

  • MTEK 115

  • C12

    Cast UNS: J82090

    Cast Grade: C12

    Cast ASTM: A217

    Wrought UNS: S50400

    Wrought Grade: P9

  • C12A

    Cast UNS: J84090

    Cast Grade: C12A

    Cast ASTM: A217

    Wrought UNS: K91560

    Wrought Grade: P91

  • CA15

    Cast UNS: J91150

    Cast Grade: CA15

    Cast ASTM: A743, A487, A217

    Wrought UNS: S41000

    Wrought Grade: 410

    Military / AMS: AMS 5351 (SAND)

  • CA40

    Cast UNS: J91153

    Cast Grade: CA40

    Cast ASTM: A743

    Wrought UNS: S42000

    Wrought Grade: 420

  • MTEK 430

    Wrought UNS: S43000

    Wrought Grade: 430

  • 440A

    Cast Grade: 440A

    Wrought UNS: S44002

    Wrought Grade: 440A

  • 440B

    Cast Grade: 440B

    Wrought UNS: S44003

    Wrought Grade: 440B

  • 440C

    Cast UNS: J91639

    Cast Grade: 440C

    Wrought UNS: S44004

    Wrought Grade: 440C

    Military / AMS: AMS 5352 (INVEST)

  • MTEK 535

  • J91631

    Cast UNS: J91631

    Wrought UNS: S41800

    Wrought Grade: Greek Ascoloy®

    Military / AMS: AMS 5354 (INVEST)

  • CA6NM, E3N

    Cast UNS: J91540

    Cast Grade: CA6NM, E3N

    Cast ASTM: A487, A743, A757

    Wrought UNS: S41500

    Wrought Grade: F6NM

  • MTEK H46

    Wrought Grade: H46

  • MTEK M152

    Wrought UNS: S64152