Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels

The need for stainless steels that would combine the excellent corrosion resistance of the austenitic types with the ability to be hardened by heat treatment led to the development of a family of stainless steels known as PH-, or Precipitation Hardening, types.  These materials can be precipitation (age) hardened by low temperatures of approximately 900ºF / 480ºC, minimizing distortion.

  • 14-4PH

    Cast UNS: J92240

    Cast Grade: 14-4PH

    Military / AMS: AMS 5340

  • CB7Cu-2

    Cast UNS: J92110

    Cast Grade: CB7Cu-2

    Cast ASTM: A747

    Wrought UNS: S15500

    Wrought Grade: 15-5 PH®

    Military / AMS: AMS 5348 (CENT)

  • CB7Cu-1

    Cast UNS: J92180

    Cast Grade: CB7Cu-1

    Cast ASTM: A747

    Wrought UNS: S17400

    Wrought Grade: 17-4 PH®

    Military / AMS: AMS 5398 (SAND)