Proven Application Examples

Review the below proven application examples or use the filters to narrow your search.

  • Cracking Furnace Coil

    Cracking furnace coil

    Centrifugal tubes and targeted alloy grades for high temperature furnace settings

  • Nadcap-Certified Processes Essential for Defense Jobs

    Nadcap Certified

    Nadcap-certified processes help ensure a superior product

  • Near-Net Shaped Compressor Cases

    Compressor Case

    Near net shaped compressor cases are a cost effective solution for your needs

  • Accumulator Tube

    Accumulator Tube

    Centrifugals deliver strength and reliability in deepwater applications

  • Air Valve Body As An Investment Casting

    Investment Cast Air Valve Body

    Precision investment casting and high alloy for aerospace air valve body

  • Alternative Fuel Assembly

    Fuel Production

    Capability to fabricate large heavy wall assemblies for alternative fuel production

  • Alternative Fuel Tee

    Sand Casting

    Large sand cast tee for renewable energy reformers

  • Bearium in Steel Mills

    Bearium Bushing in Steel Mills

    Demonstratable improvement in low-cycle steel mill bearing performance using Bearium

  • Bearium Metals

    Bearium Bronze

    Bearium Metals - Proven performance in hi-friction difficult to service applications

  • Bow Thruster Diffuser Section

    Bow Thruster Diffuser Section Sand Casting

    Shaped sand castings with internal structures and corrosion resistant materials for marine

  • Briquetting Rolls - An Ideal Application of Centrifugals

    Food Grade Centrifugal for Briquetting Rolls

    Ideal for briquetting, including food-based: wear and corrosion resistant

  • Bushings For Bridges And Infrastructure


    Bushings for bridges, other Infrastructure applications must perform for years

  • Bushings for Mining Industry


    Robust centrifugals and wide material choices for bushing applications

  • Catalyst Support Hardware

    Catalyst Support Hardware and Petrochemical Assemblies

    Full in-house control and manufacture of petrochemical components and assemblies

  • Centrifugally Cast Tooling

    Tooling Mandrel

    Centrifugal castings used as forming mandrels extend life and protect roundness


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