Proven Application Examples

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  • Bow Thruster Diffuser Section

    Bow Thruster Diffuser Section Sand Casting

    Shaped sand castings with internal structures and corrosion resistant materials for marine

  • Complex Centrifugal Hub Replaces Fabrication

    Propulsion Hub

    Complex centrifugal replaces fabrication in high performance hub application

  • Continuous Cast Cost Savings

    Continuous Casting

    Premium continuous cast material reduces machining cost and saves money

  • Continuous Cast Gear Blanks

    Continuous Cast Gear Blanks

    Continuous casting items like gear blanks provides an unexpected and effective alternative

  • Gear Blanks

    Gear Blanks

    Centrifugally cast gear blanks in wear resistant alloys with homogeneous grain structure

  • HPLT for Quality Cast Valve Bodies

    HPLT Casting

    Premium valve castings leverage our proprietary HPLT process for highest quality

  • Motor Body for Submersible Pump

    Submersible Pump Housing

    Submersible pump motor bodies that must operate in difficult-to-access environments

  • On-Site Training

    On site training

    MetalTek shares metals expertise through on-site TekSessions

  • On-Site Visit


    Customer is impressed by MetalTek's capabilities

  • Propeller Hub is a Huge Centrifugal Casting

    Propeller Hub

    Propeller hubs: some of the largest centrifugals manufactured

  • Rolls In a Very Broad Range of Sizes and Materials

    Centrifugally Cast Rolls

    Rolls in a very broad range of sizes and materials

  • Seal / Wear Rings in Large Diameters

    Seal Ring

    Seal / Wear rings produced in sizes up to 15' diameter, or more, retain round shape

  • Stator Case Cover

    Stator case

    Stator case cover leverages net shaping and high performance alloys

  • Valve Body For Oil and Gas Employs HPLT

    Valve Body For Oil and Gas

    Using our proprietary HPLT process, valve bodies for oil/gas are the highest quality

  • Valve Components in Full Range of Alloys

    Valve Components

    Valve components of material chosen to perform in the user's specific environment