Proven Application Examples

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  • Nadcap-Certified Processes Essential for Defense Jobs

    Nadcap Certified

    Nadcap-certified processes help ensure a superior product

  • Defense System Components

    Investment Cast Defense System Components

    Investment cast housings for naval applications

  • Fiber Screen for Wood Pulp

    Fiber Screen for Wood Pulp

    Screens used in paper production deliver strength with corrosion resistance

  • Missile Fin

    Tight tolerance investment casting

    Missile fins demand very tight tolerances

  • Oil Field Pipe Clamp

    Oil Field Pipe Clamp

    Investment casted oil field pipe clamp

  • On-Site Training

    On site training

    MetalTek shares metals expertise through on-site TekSessions

  • On-Site Visit


    Customer is impressed by MetalTek's capabilities

  • Thin Sections and Tight Tolerances for Ignition Inlet Guide Vane

    Ignition inlet guide vane

    Ignition inlet guide vanes leverage investment casting's thin sections, tight tolerances