Proven Application Examples

Review the below proven application examples or use the filters to narrow your search.

  • Flow Meter Bodies

    Flow Meter Bodies

    Versatile tooling supports meter body production with minimum investment

  • Food Processing Y-Valve Body

    Valve body

    Food processing Y-Valve body leverages surface finish, passageways of investment casting

  • Oil Field Pipe Clamp

    Oil Field Pipe Clamp

    Investment casted oil field pipe clamp

  • On-Site Training

    On site training

    MetalTek shares metals expertise through on-site TekSessions

  • On-Site Visit


    Customer is impressed by MetalTek's capabilities

  • Valve Trim Components - Full Range

    Valve Trim

    Supplying the broad range of investment cast valve trim components

  • Vortex Body

    Investment casting

    Vortex body takes advantage of fine external details with tightly controlled internals