Proven Application Examples

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  • Net Shaped Compressor Cases

    Compressor Case

    Near net shaped compressor cases are a cost effective solution for your needs

  • Centrifugally Cast Tooling

    Tooling Mandrel

    Centrifugal castings used as forming mandrels extend life and protect roundness

  • Combustion Liner

    High Temperature Combustion Liner

    Combustion liners from metal development experts deliver non-negotiable quality

  • Combustor Basket

    Investment castings for turbine engines

    When reliability counts, turbine engine customers choose investment casting

  • Combustor Support Basket

    Investment Cast Combustor Support Basket

    Investment casting for thin and thick sections and a variety of shapes

  • Compressor Cases

    Compressor Cases

    Reliability from the world's leading producer of flight-based compressor cases

  • Gas Transition Cases

    Gas Transition Turbine Cases

    Transition cases leverage centrifugal casting's directional solidification for heavy walls

  • Near-Net Shaped Centrifugal Cases

    Near-Net Shaped Centrifugal Cases

    Near net shaped centrifugals are the most cost effective solution for heavy wall cases

  • On-Site Training

    On site training

    MetalTek shares metals expertise through on-site TekSessions

  • On-Site Visit


    Customer is impressed by MetalTek's capabilities

  • Stator Case Cover

    Stator case

    Stator case cover leverages net shaping and high performance alloys

  • Thin Sections and Tight Tolerances for Ignition Inlet Guide Vane

    Ignition inlet guide vane

    Ignition inlet guide vanes leverage investment casting's thin sections, tight tolerances

  • Turbine Case

    Turbine Case

    Combustor Cases - Reliable and cost effective use of net shaped centrifugals