Proven Application Examples

Review the below proven application examples or use the filters to narrow your search.

  • Alternative Fuel Tee

    Sand Casting

    Large sand cast tee for renewable energy reformers

  • Dewatering Grates

    Corrosion resistant alloy

    Casting as an alternative to fabrication in corrosive pulp dewatering environments

  • Francis Runners

    Francis Runners for Turbine Applications

    Francis runners for turbine applications - one example of hydro components provided

  • Joint Alloy Development for Valve Components

    Valve Components

    Joint alloy development for valve trim components makes the customer successful

  • Mining Grate Components

    Mining grate

    Mining grate components offer superior wear

  • Motor Body for Submersible Pump

    Submersible Pump Housing

    Submersible pump motor bodies that must operate in difficult-to-access environments

  • On-Site Training

    On site training

    MetalTek shares metals expertise through on-site TekSessions

  • On-Site Visit


    Customer is impressed by MetalTek's capabilities

  • Pelton Runner

    Pelton Runner

    Cast machined Pelton Runners: A complex but cost effective solution for the hydro market

  • Petrochemical Fittings - The Full Range

    Petrochemical Fittings

    Full line petrochemical fittings manufacturer brings in-house capabilities

  • Petrochemical Furnace Hangers

    Petrochemical furnace hangers

    A full range of petrochemical furnace hangers in high temperature alloy grades

  • Petrochemical Tube Sheet

    Furnace tube sheet

    Material development, process control solved a petrochemical cracking issue

  • Petrochemical Tube Sheets and Hangers

    Petrochemical Tube Sheets and Hangers

    Global leader in the supply of hi-temperature petrochemical tube mounting sheets

  • Petrochemical U-bend fitting

    Petrochemical U-bend fitting

    Petrochemical U-bend fitting for high temperature furnace applications

  • Petrochemical Wye-Fitting


    Petrochemical Wye-fitting (Y-fitting) as stand-alone and in welded assemblies