Proven Application Examples

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  • Centrifuge Hubs

    Centrifugal Hubs and Structural Components

    Centrifugal hubs for centrifuges - the best choice for strength and consistency

  • Combustion Liner

    High Temperature Combustion Liner

    Combustion liners from metal development experts deliver non-negotiable quality

  • Combustor Basket

    Investment castings for turbine engines

    When reliability counts, turbine engine customers choose investment casting

  • Combustor Support Basket

    Investment Cast Combustor Support Basket

    Investment casting for thin and thick sections and a variety of shapes

  • Complex Centrifugal Hub Replaces Fabrication

    Propulsion Hub

    Complex centrifugal replaces fabrication in high performance hub application

  • Compressor Cases

    Compressor Cases

    Reliability from the world's leading producer of flight-based compressor cases

  • Continuous Annealing Roll

    Annealing Roll

    Continuous annealing roll: large centrifugals and in-house produced trunions

  • Continuous Cast Cost Savings

    Continuous Casting

    Premium continuous cast material reduces machining cost and saves money

  • Continuous Cast Gear Blanks

    Continuous Cast Gear Blanks

    Continuous casting items like gear blanks provides an unexpected and effective alternative

  • Continuous Cast Profile Examples

    Continuous Cast Custom Profiles

    Continuous cast for straight, true, concentric product and unmatched shapes

  • Defense System Components

    Investment Cast Defense System Components

    Investment cast housings for naval applications

  • Dewatering Grates

    Corrosion resistant alloy

    Casting as an alternative to fabrication in corrosive pulp dewatering environments

  • DRI Reformer Tubes

    DRI Reformer Tubes

    World leader in supply of reliable OEM DRI reformer tubes

  • Exhaust Manifold

    Investment Cast Exhaust Manifold

    Exhaust manifold specified as investment casting for tolerance control

  • Fiber Screen for Wood Pulp

    Fiber Screen for Wood Pulp

    Screens used in paper production deliver strength with corrosion resistance