Proven Application Examples

Review the below proven application examples or use the filters to narrow your search.

  • Filler Bowls

    Industrial Filler Bowls

    Bowls in many industrial applications leverage fully machined centrifugals

  • Flood Control Gate Bearings


    Centrifugal bearings for flood control gates are homogenous and round

  • Flow Meter Bodies

    Cast Flow Meter Bodies

    Manufacturers count on us to cast flow meter bodies big and small

  • Flow Meter Bodies

    Flow Meter Bodies

    Versatile tooling supports meter body production with minimum investment

  • Flow Nozzle

    Fluid Flow Control Nozzle

    Flow nozzle and other components serving fluid control customers in numerous industries

  • Food Processing Centrifuge Cage

    Centrifuge Cage

    Rotating parts for food and industries using centrifugals are readily balanced

  • Food Processing Y-Valve Body

    Valve body

    Food processing Y-Valve body leverages surface finish, passageways of investment casting

  • Francis Runners

    Francis Runners for Turbine Applications

    Francis runners for turbine applications - one example of hydro components provided

  • Gas Transition Cases

    Gas Transition Turbine Cases

    Transition cases leverage centrifugal casting's directional solidification for heavy walls

  • Gate Valve Body

    Gate Valve Body

    Gate valve bodies using HPLT process offers the highest static cast quality

  • Gear Blanks

    Gear Blanks

    Centrifugally cast gear blanks in wear resistant alloys with homogeneous grain structure

  • Ground Meat Processing

    Meat Processing Cylinder

    Centrifugals extend the life of meat processing equipment

  • HF Modified Piping Spool

    Alloy HF Modified Piping Spool

    Leader in large fabrications for high temperature furnace applications

  • High Temperature Fabrications

    Centrifugal Cast Piping Spools

    Fabrication expertise in large-sized high temperature environments

  • HPLT for Quality Cast Valve Bodies

    HPLT Casting

    Premium valve castings leverage our proprietary HPLT process for highest quality