Proven Application Examples

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  • Pelton Runner

    Pelton Runner

    Cast machined Pelton Runners: A complex but cost effective solution for the hydro market

  • Petrochemical Fittings - The Full Range

    Petrochemical Fittings

    Full line petrochemical fittings manufacturer brings in-house capabilities

  • Petrochemical Furnace Hangers

    Petrochemical furnace hangers

    A full range of petrochemical furnace hangers in high temperature alloy grades

  • Petrochemical Furnace Tubes

    Furnace tubes

    High temp furnace tubes using casting processes from an international leader

  • Petrochemical Tube Sheet

    Furnace tube sheet

    Material development, process control solved a petrochemical cracking issue

  • Petrochemical Tube Sheets and Hangers

    Petrochemical Tube Sheets and Hangers

    Global leader in the supply of hi-temperature petrochemical tube mounting sheets

  • Petrochemical U-bend fitting

    Petrochemical U-bend fitting

    Petrochemical U-bend fitting for high temperature furnace applications

  • Petrochemical Wye-Fitting


    Petrochemical Wye-fitting (Y-fitting) as stand-alone and in welded assemblies

  • Propeller Hub is a Huge Centrifugal Casting

    Propeller Hub

    Propeller hubs: some of the largest centrifugals manufactured

  • Pump Impeller

    Pump Impeller

    Pump impeller - Internal passageways and appropriate material selection

  • Reformer Outlet Reducers

    Reformer parts

    Centrifugally cast reformer outlet reducers used in petrochemical installations

  • Rocket Engine Dome Using Exotic Alloy

    Exotic Alloy

    Rocket engine component centrifugally cast in exotic alloy

  • Rocket Engine Nozzle - Net Shaped

    Rocket Engine Nozzle

    Rocket engine nozzle is net shaped in high alloy

  • Rolls In a Very Broad Range of Sizes and Materials

    Centrifugally Cast Rolls

    Rolls in a very broad range of sizes and materials

  • Seal / Wear Rings in Large Diameters

    Seal Ring

    Seal / Wear rings produced in sizes up to 15' diameter, or more, retain round shape