Why MetalTek International?

Because you demand more than metal...

With a global presence and history of innovation in metal products for high temperature, severe wear, and harsh corrosive environments, MetalTek has been partnering with the world’s leading companies for more than a century. Leverage our technical resources and market expertise to make your products and business better.

Customers rely on us for:
  • Metallurgical and Technical Collaboration
  • Assured Quality and System Compliance
  • Broad and Deep Market Expertise
  • A Culture that Drives Exceptional Customer Service

And that makes them more successful in their own exacting, high performance markets. Others say it, but MetalTek International delivers on the promise.

Industry Expertise

Power Transfer

Power Transfer

For tough, long-wearing power transfer applications using a variety of advanced metalworking processes, MetalTek stands alone. Centrifugal casting is the process of choice for round wear components. Proprietary Bearium bronze is a long-established leading option for applications where friction is extreme, or ongoing lubrication is difficult or impossible.



Petrochemical processing plants demand safety in extreme, high temperature and pressure conditions. Customers specify exceptional MetalTek alloys for superior performance and productivity in fabricated assemblies that operate under pressure at 1700 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, for 10 years or more.

Defense Parts


The defense industry stretches the limits of performance. Engineering collaboration with MetalTek helps meet those challenges with innovative products and processes.Components are provided from multiple Nadcap certified facilities and our defense Market Specialists understand the nuances, details, and stringent requirements of defense markets.

Mining Market

Mining and Mineral Processing

A broad knowledge of heat and wear-resistant materials and key customer partnerships have made MetalTek a leader in this field. Our customers have enjoyed improved operating life and process efficiencies by working with us on development of alloy combinations that combat high temperature corrosion.

Turbine Engine Market

Turbine Engine

Turbine Engine customers require integrity, traceability, and conformance to stringent industry standards and certifications. There is absolutely no compromise in quality of the components used. Our Turbine customers operate in a market that is being squeezed by rising costs on one hand and intense airfare price pressure on the other.

Steel Mill Market

Steel Mills

Heat resistant alloys, corrosion resistant alloys, the capability to produce large size rolls, and a variety of shaft and trunnion designs, all contribute to MetalTek International's position as a leading provider of cast product for steelworking markets worldwide. By manufacturing and fabricating all components in-house, we can provide complete assemblies to our customers, saving time and money.

Process Equipment

Process Equipment

Oil and Gas markets demand products that must perform reliably in severe environments and sometimes, like MetalTek manganese bronze jack nuts, even well beyond industry standards. Valves for the Alaska Pipeline are produced using hybrid processes that all but eliminate machine scrap. Accumulator tubes in an unparalleled range of sizes are installed on the ocean floor.