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MetalTek manufactures critical metal components that power, protect, and connect people and businesses worldwide.

What we do

MetalTek is a metal products company that manufactures components for the world’s most demanding applications. With our unmatched diverse capabilities and depth of experience, we are relentless about working with our customers through their entire journey – from product design to delivery.

Our Markets

MetalTek manufactures components for high-heat, high-wear, and high-corrosion applications from the depths of the ocean all the way to the surface of Mars. Thousands of companies across the world trust us to understand the unique demands of each market we serve.

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Career Information

Why work at MetalTek? Because we know our purpose.

At MetalTek you directly contribute to powering, protecting, and connecting our world. Millions of people have better and safer lives because of your work.

There are few companies that can match our capabilities, depth of experience, and technical expertise. If you want a career where you will be challenged and rewarded while Making a Lasting Difference, then join us.