Renewable Energy

Critical Renewable Energy Components For Applications Such As Hydroelectric, Wind Energy, and Solar Energy

Renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric, solar, wind, and tidal power are projected to be close to 50% of global electrical production by 2040. Pressure is growing on manufacturers to increase product performance while managing costs. MetalTek has the technical expertise and depth of experience to serve as a valuable supplier for renewable energy applications that push the limits of what is possible to meet the world’s growing renewable energy needs.

MetalTek has a rich history of providing wicket gates, wicket gate bushings, runner gate bushings, seal rings, wear rings, shaft sleeves, and many other components for hydroelectric applications. These are produced in sizes from less than one inch to a centrifugal wear ring that is more than 200” (5,080 mm) in diameter. The ability to provide a wide range of components for hydropower's high-wear and highly corrosive environment makes MetalTek well-suited to meet the demands of both tidal power and wave energy. Furthermore, our experience providing furnace tubes for petrochemical customers makes MetalTek an ideal partner for high-temperature biomass applications. 

Typical Renewable Energy Products

  • Bearings

  • Bearing supports

  • Bushings

  • Chain link components

  • Compressor cases

  • Distance rings

  • Fan cases

  • Furnace tubes and assemblies

  • Needle valve housings

  • Runner blade bushings and seals

  • Seal rings

  • Split bushings

  • Shaft sleeves

  • Thrust washers

  • Wear rings

  • Wicket gate bushings

Typical Renewable Energy Applications

  • Biopower / Biomass

  • Francis turbines

  • Hydroelectric energy / Hydropower

  • Kaplan turbines

  • Pelton turbines

  • Solar energy

  • Tidal energy / Tidal power

  • Wave energy / Wave power

  • Wind energy / Wind power

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Our extensive selection of over 450 alloys, and versatile casting capabilities (including centrifugalsand, and investment casting) allows MetalTek to cater to the needs of those producing renewable energy applications that are propelling the world into the future. Explore some of the tailored solutions we offer for customers in the renewable energy sector, reaffirming our commitment to providing comprehensive services.

Bushings For Bridges And Infrastructure

Bushings For Bridges And Infrastructure

MetalTek provides bushings for bridges and other infrastructure applications to an excess of 15′.

Hydro Ring

Hydro Ring

Machined grooves in hydro rings extend product life.

Alternative Fuel Assembly

Alternative Fuel Assembly

Capability to fabricate heavy wall assemblies for alternative fuel roduction

Wicket Gate Assembly Components

Wicket Gate Assembly Components

MetalTek provides multiple wicket gate assembly components in a variety of alloys and sizes.

Frances Runners

Francis Runners

Francis Turbines feature an inward flow reaction to spin the turbine and count on consistent material and fin profiles.

Pelton Runners

Pelton Runner

A complex but cost effective solution for the hydro market.