Sharing MetalTek's metal process and properties expertise

Hundreds of customers from dozens of companies have attended MetalTek technical seminars (“TekSessions”).  These sessions are led by technical experts in disciplines such as metallurgy or engineering.  TekSessions can be conducted either virtually or at a customer’s site to ensure maximum convenience and participation.  Topics include:

  • Choosing a specific alloy to achieve improved product performance

  • How alloying can help achieve specific material properties

  • Conversions of forgings and fabrications to metal castings

  • Types of welding to use for specific fabrications

  • Advantages of solidification modeling and process simulations

  • Consultative product design with MetalTek's manufacturing experts

  • Other topics tailored to your specific needs

The total time and format of each TekSession is flexible to meet specific needs and can range from a “lunch and learn” to a full day.  Insight from these sessions is useful to a number of functional areas such metallurgy, engineering, procurement, and quality.

For more information on TekSessions, please contact your MetalTek sales engineer.