Mission-Critical Metal Components For The Defense Industry

MetalTek helps the defense industry push the limits of performance through high-quality metal castings that ensure the safety of the military and those they protect. From military vehicle parts to specialized metal casted components, our limits are endless. Our metal casting capabilities include centrifugal castinginvestment castingsand casting, and a broad selection of alloys. We comply with International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR) and are accredited by Nadcap, AS9100, ISO 9001:2015, and a range of other certification programs.  You cannot be in defense halfway. MetalTek has the technical expertise and experience to help our defense customers. Our end goal is to ensure the military can do their jobs and keep us safe.

At MetalTek, we believe in the power of collaboration. To explore our defense industry solutions, you can reach out to us, connect with a dedicated Defense Key Account Manager, or consider a TekSession. Our experts, committed to your success, collaborate closely on every project. We value your input and strive to deliver the best outcomes for your metal casting needs.

Typical Defense Applications

  • Aircraft loading system

  • Autonomous / unmanned vehicles

  • Bomb racks

  • Fluid handling

  • Missile systems

  • Mobile missile launchers

  • Naval Nuclear

  • Ship-to-ship material transfer

  • Steering systems

  • Submarine propulsion

  • Surface ship propulsion

  • Tracked vehicles

  • Turbine heat exchangers

  • Weapons handling

  • Weapons systems

  • Wheeled vehicles

Typical Defense Products

  • Bearing shells

  • Clutch winch drum assemblies

  • Controllable pitch propeller hubs

  • Hatch rings

  • Launcher components

  • Missile components

  • Pump and valve components

  • Seal housings

  • Shaft sleeves / shaft liners

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The confidential nature of the defense industry prevents MetalTek from disclosing images of many of the components that we manufacture. MetalTek produces shaft sleeves, valve components, propeller hubs, and many other metal casted parts. Below is a breakdown of the metal castings that we provide.

Hub Body For Propulsion System

Hub Body For Propulsion System

Complex centrifugal casted hub body replaces fabrication.

Shaft Sleeves

Shaft Sleeves

Propulsion shafting for ocean-going Military and Commercial vessels is a critical and expensive part of the propulsion system.

Joint Alloy Development For Valve Components

Valve Components

Joint alloy development makes the customer successful.

Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust Manifold

Tight tolerance capability and the introduction of internal structures through cores make investment casting a logical choice.

Propeller Hub

Propeller Hub

Some of the largest centrifugal castings manufactured by MetalTek.

Turret Base

Turret Base

Precision, reliability, and survivability are critical in protecting our troops.