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Learn more about MetalTek, our purpose of Making A Lasting Difference, and our expertise in a diverse range of metal casting processes and customer markets. If you have questions, please contact us.

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Working at metalTek

At MetalTek we believe that every person and every job matters.  Our unique culture celebrates team success while recognizing personal accomplishments and initiative.


Why MetalTek?

With our unmatched diverse capabilities and depth of experience, MetalTek helps customers push the limits of what is possible and make people’s lives better.


MetalTek's Values

MetalTek CEO E.J. Kubick introduces the company's new values, beliefs, and behaviors to support our purpose: Making A Lasting Difference.

MetalTek: Growing With Purpose

Where is MetalTek headed? We are growing with purpose: with the right people, the right processes, and in the right industries.


MetalTek’s New Employees

New employees at Carondelet, Wisconsin Centrifugal, Wisconsin Investcast, and Sandusky International share what they think about working at MetalTek’s four divisions.


MetalTek’s Military Veterans

Four of MetalTek’s many U.S. Armed Forces veterans share their stories of service and how their military service prepared them for their careers at MetalTek.


Partnering With Defense

Serving the defense industry is part of MetalTek's ongoing initiative to partner with leading industries by focusing on customers who value our unique capabilities.


Tuition Reimbursement

MetalTek's  tuition reimbursement program is part of our ongoing initiative to better our people's lives by offering opportunities for professional and personal growth.

MetalTek: Metal Casting Expertise

The unmatched diversity of MetalTek’s metal casting and manufacturing capabilities helps us to provide a broad range of critical components for the world’s most demanding applications.


Horizontal Centrifugal Casting

What is horizontal centrifugal casting?  Centrifugal force applied to molten metal in a horizontally spinning die moves less dense material including impurities to the ID.


Vertical Centrifugal Casting

What is vertical centrifugal casting?  Centrifugal force applied to molten metal in a vertically spinning die moves less dense material including impurities to the ID.


Investment Casting

Investment casting (lost wax casting) produces metal components with fine detail, tight tolerances, excellent "as-cast" surface finish, thin walls, and internal passageways.


Sand Casting

Sand casting produces shaped parts weighing less than a pound to thousands of pounds.  Virtually any part configuration created using another process can be made as a sand casting.

MetalTek: Market Expertise

Thousand of companies across the world trust MetalTek to understand the unique demands of each market that we serve.



You cannot be in defense halfway.  MetalTek has the technical expertise and experience to help our defense customers and the military do their jobs and keep us safe.



MetalTek’s advanced heat-resistant alloys promote longer life and decreased downtime for fabricated assemblies operating in temperatures exceeding 2,100 °F for 10 years or more.


Industrial Markets

Whether it is the more than 400 alloys that MetalTek routinely pours our our diverse metal casting processes, customers in process industries rely on MetalTek for complex solutions to make their products safer and better.


Turbine Engine

In the turbine engine market, there is no compromise on quality.  Our flight turbine engine products simply cannot fail.  MetalTek has decades of experience delivering quality components that keep travelers safe.