Wisconsin Centrifugal

World leader in centrifugal casting technology and capabilities

Wisconsin Centrifugal Division is the world’s most diverse, flexible, and fully integrated centrifugal casting facility.  In addition to unparalleled casting process capabilities, customers use us for fabrication and machining, metal testing and certifications that ensure unsurpassed quality and value.

What sets Wisconsin Centrifugal apart from our competition is the dedication and expertise of our employees. We strive to form partnerships with our customers by solving problems through concurrent engineering, advanced metallurgical expertise, machining, fabrication, and casting know-how.  Alloy expertise, tightly controlled processes, unmatched certifications and accreditations, product traceability from raw material through finished part, and timely deliveries finish the story.  That’s why the world’s leading companies in demanding markets such as Defense, Turbine Engine, and Petrochemical choose Wisconsin Centrifugal.

Customer Engineering & Metallurgical Support

Wisconsin Centrifugal has more than 40 engineers and metallurgists ready to the deliver metal alloys, processes, and world-class products that you need.  We offer extensive technical support including:

  • Deep experience in alloy selection and manufacturing processes

  • Process optimization, identifying efficiencies in prototype and production runs

  • Customer support in research and development

  • Virtual or on-site training by experienced technical personnel

  • Advanced solidification simulation and modeling capabilities including Flow3D and SolidCast

Processes and Capabilities

Centrifugal Casting – Horizontal and Vertical

Wisconsin Centrifugal consistently casts over 20 million pounds per year.

  • Horizontal up to 50” (1,270 mm) outer diameter (O.D.), 240” long (6,100 mm). Up to 30,000 lbs. (13,640 kg)

  • Vertical up to 180” (4,572 mm) O.D. Up to 34,000 lbs. (15,450 kg)

  • Vacuum cast 18” x 42” diameter (455 mm x 1,070 mm). Up to 800 lbs. (364 kg)

  • 43 melting furnaces covering a variety of sizes and melting technologies (ARC, AOD, Induction, Vacuum, Gas)

  • 38 casting machines in a variety of sizes and orientations

World’s Largest Centrifugal Die Inventory

The largest inventory of centrifugal dies in the world includes nearly two thousand horizontal and vertical configurations.  Therefore, zero tooling cost is likely for most applications.  Dies can also be optimized for larger / long running projects. When using net-shaped centrifugals, intricate detail is added. The process is ideal for complex parts with bosses, pads, flanges, ribs, etc.  Considerable machining cost is avoided by casting in the shape.  Near-net shaping can be gained through the use of sand inserts placed in the rotating die to add shape to the O.D. of the centrifugally cast part.  For more information about how this capability might help, contact us.

Heat Treatment

  • World-class, fully digital, multiple furnace computer controlled heat treat capability on-site with oil, water, argon gas, and air quenching

  • Vacuum and air

  • Nadcap certified. Conforms to MIL-H-6875, AMS 2750, and multiple customer approvals for aerospace and nuclear applications

Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD)

Wisconsin Centrifugal is one of the few centrifugal foundries with argon oxygen decarburization (AOD) capability.  AOD removes contaminants for further alloy refining to help achieve optimum cost and alloy control. Capacity of 12,000 lbs. (5,450 kg).  AOD is required by specific grades, NORSOK Standards, Exxon Mobil, and specified by various customers.


  • Wisconsin Centrifugal has dedicated facilities highly equipped for welded fabrication

  • We specialize in fabricated assemblies produced from centrifugal, sand, and investment cast products

  • Weld capabilities include Manual, Automated / DSP, and Orbital Welding


Wisconsin Centrifugal has more than 65 machine tools on site in a variety of sizes and cutting technologies.

  • Boring, Turning, Honing, Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Slotting, Slitting, Polishing

  • Wisconsin Centrifugal machines rings up to 200” (5,080 mm) diameter and lengths up to 240" (6,100 mm)


Wisconsin Centrifugal has nearly 600 alloy compositions including proprietary and patented alloys, as well as advanced development and mechanical patents improving the performance and life of castings.  We routinely pour hundreds of ferrous, non-ferrous and special grades like iron, nickel, copper, and cobalt-based alloys.  Wisconsin Centrifugal brings much expertise in modifying chemistries to improve performance in dozens of markets.  In addition to industry standard alloys, MetalTek regularly works with customers to modify grades to deliver the performance needed for their particular application and environment.

For more information on MetalTek alloy capabilities, visit our alloy guide.

Testing Capabilities

Like all MetalTek facilities, Wisconsin Centrifugal Division is equipped with an on-site chemical and mechanical laboratory.

Chemical analysis

  • Analytic capabilities for over 600 alloy grades

  • Computerized LIMS tracking and certification system compares test results to a database of customer specification limits to assure requirements are met

On-site testing facilities and equipment include:

  • X-Ray and Optical Emissions spectrometers

  • Carbon sulfur determinator

  • Nitrogen oxygen determinator

  • Portable X-ray spectrometer for positive material

Mechanical Testing

  • Tensile testing – Ambient and elevated temperature

  • Impact testing / Charpy

  • Stress rupture

  • Brinell & Rockwell hardness testing

Metallography capabilities include:

  • Full optical microscopy

  • Portable metallography of product surfaces

  • Macro and micro digital photography

  • All equipment for preparation of testing

Non-Destructive testing

  • Nadcap independently audited and certified, and multiple customer approvals and certifications

Technicians and processes:

  • On-site certified Level III NDT specialists

  • Technicians fully trained and certified level II

  • Fully calibrated instrumentation

Facilities and capabilities:

  • Full in-house NDT capabilities for welds and for small to very large parts

  • Multiple facilities for X-ray and film processing

  • Penetrant testing, including Type I and II, Method A and C, Sensitivity Level II and III as well as fluorescent and visible dye

  • Magnetic particle testing

  • In-line hydrostatic testing

  • Positive material identification (PMI)

  • Extensive expertise in methods and specifications

Accreditations and Certifications

Wisconsin Centrifugal was the first centrifugal casting foundry to earn the AMSE Quality System (Materials) Certificate, and were the first domestic foundry to earn ISO 9000 certification. Today, our management systems are certified for product use in many of the world’s most demanding applications. Products and processes are continuously improved through the use of Lean / 6 Sigma. Our large quality staff manages a broad range of international certifications for processing and testing including:

  • ABS Certified

  • ISO 9001:2015 (UKAS & ANAB) (QMS)

  • AS9100D (Aerospace) (QMS)

  • NIST Traceable measurement and calibration systems in all inspection and testing processes

  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) Material Manufacturer

  • Approvals / certifications from critical customers in Aerospace, Nuclear, and Pressure Equipment industries

  • NAVSEA: able to provide certification documents for Laboratory testing, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) services, welding procedures, and material

Nuclear industry:

  • ASME Quality System Certificate for Material Organizations - QSC-525

  • 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B and 10CFR Part 21

  • ASME Section III NCA 3800 Material Organization

Nadcap special process certifications:

  • Heat treat

  • Lab

  • Weld repair

  • NDT

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Bushings For Bridges And Infrastructure

Bushings For Bridges And Infrastructure

MetalTek provides bushings for bridges and other infrastructure applications to an excess of 15′.

Near-Net Shaped Turbine Engine Cases

Near-Net Shaped Turbine Engine Cases

Near-net centrifugals are the most cost effective solution for heavy wall cases.

Bearium In Steel Mills

Bearium in Steel Mills

The Bearium bushing demonstrated significantly less wear than other alloys.

Hub Body For Propulsion System

Hub Body For Propulsion System

Complex centrifugal casted hub body replaces fabrication.

Hydro Ring

Hydro Ring

Machined grooves in hydro rings extend product life.

Cracking Furnace Coil

Cracking Furnace Coil

Centrifugal tubes essential in high temperature settings.