Meeting technical demands for wider and faster paper machine rolls

The paper industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and MetalTek is leading the way. We have the experience and technical expertise to help our customers navigate these changes. Our focus with our metal castings is on paper machinery or paper mill applications, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of industry needs. You can rely on MetalTek to be your partner in this dynamic industry.

MetalTek's Sandusky International Division has decades of experience meeting increasing demands for speed and size in paper making. Screen cylinders incorporating centrifugal castings from Wisconsin Centrifugal help our customers produce the best paper making products in the world. As an industry, paper manufacturers capitalize on the product integrity, homogeneity, and shaping stability inherent in centrifugal casting.  

Material developments targeted at the paper market also drive product performance. One particular metal alloy that shines for MetalTek is the superior metallurgy of our patented Alloy 86 for paper suction rolls. It comes with what is effectively a lifetime guarantee, with no known product failures in more than 30 years.

With a rich history spanning over 100 years in the paper-making industry, MetalTek's depth of experience is unparalleled. Our broad technical expertise, combined with this extensive industry knowledge, positions us uniquely to help our customers increase performance while lowering costs. You can trust our proven track record and deep understanding of the industry.

Typical Products for Paper

  • Dryer felt shells

  • Lump breaker shells

  • Polycast roll shells

  • Press felt shells

  • Reel spools

  • Suction roll shells

  • Winder roll shells

  • Wire turning shells

  • Yankee dryers

Typical Paper Applications

  • Paper machinery

  • Paper mills

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MetalTek has a wide range of paper products for numerous applications. View some of the top categories we produce for paper product metal castings.

Suction Rolls

Suction Roll Shells

Suction rolls made from our patented Alloy 86 duplex stainless steel.

Dewatering Grates

Dewatering Grates

Casting as an alternative to fabrication in corrosive environments.

Fiber Screen For Wood Pulp

Fiber Screen for Wood Pulp

Fiber screen for wood pulp built with a unique blend of materials that resist environmental attack.