Steel Mills

High-wear steel mill applications demand solutions from MetalTek

Heat-resistant alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, the capability to produce large-size rolls, and a variety of shaft and trunnion designs contribute to MetalTek’s leading position as a provider of castings for steelworking markets.  Our ability to manufacture and fabricate all components in house allows us to provide complete assemblies, saving customers time and money. 

MetalTek’s proprietary high-wear alloy Bearium B-10 operates with very low levels of lubrication, resulting in significantly less wear than other alloys.  Steel mill customers take advantage of the consistency and homogeneous qualities of MetalTek’s centrifugal castings for steel mill rolls, which outperform other manufacturing methods.

Typical Steel Mill Products

  • Blast furnace blowpipes

  • Bushings

  • Combustion tubes

  • Furnace rolls

  • Electro-galvanizing bands

  • Gears, worm gears

  • Grate bars

  • Radiant tubes

  • Retorts

  • Roll trunnions

  • Sink rolls

  • Tuyeres

  • Wet rolls/dry rolls

Typical Steel Mill Applications

  • Electro-galvanizing lines

  • Heat treat furnaces

  • Steel mill furnaces

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Bearium In Steel Mills

Bearium in Steel Mills

The Bearium bushing demonstrated significantly less wear than other alloys.

Tube Rolling Rings

Tube Rolling Rings

Large diameter tube roller rings that hold their shape.

Continuous Annealing Roll

Continuous Annealing Roll

Large diameter rolls produced using the centrifugal and sand casting process.