Aerospace & Space Exploration

Critical Metal Components For Space Exploration And Atmospheric Flight

MetalTek has decades of experience in high-heat and high-wear aerospace applications and is ready for the evolving challenges of the aerospace market.  We can manufacture engine parts, rocket engine nozzles, fuel systems, and much more. Our metal casting capabilities include centrifugal castinginvestment castingsand casting, and a broad selection of alloys.  We are accredited by Nadcap, AS9100, ISO 9001:2015, and various other certification programs.  From the sky above us to the surface of Mars, MetalTek has the technical expertise and experience to help aerospace customers push the limits of performance for space exploration and atmospheric flight.

To learn more about MetalTek's metal casting aerospace and space exploration solutions, contact us, find an Aerospace Key Account Manager, or consider a TekSession.  You may also learn about our solutions for the Turbine Engine market.

Typical Aerospace Products

  • Bearing housings

  • Bushings

  • Close-out manifolds

  • Combustion chamber jackets

  • Forming dies

  • Forming mandrels

  • Fuel inlets

  • Fuel manifolds

  • Fuel splitters

  • Landing gear components

  • Thrust manifolds

  • Turbopump housings

Typical Aerospace Applications

  • Auxiliary power generation

  • Mechanical drives

  • Power transfer

  • Rocket engines / propulsion


The confidential nature of the aerospace industry prevents MetalTek from disclosing images of many of the components we manufacture.  Below is a sample of the solutions that we provide.

Rocket Engine Dome

Rocket Engine Dome

Rocket engine component centrifugally cast in exotic alloy.

Tooling Mandrel

Tooling Mandrel

Centrifugally cast tooling can provide 5 times longer tool life than traditional fabricated assemblies.

Air Valve Body

Air Valve Body

Precision investment casting and high alloy for aerospace air valve body.

Rocket Engine Nozzle - Net Shaped

Rocket Engine Nozzle

Rocket engine nozzle in a high alloy.

Landing Gear Components

Landing Gear Components

The landing gear is just one of the many important systems MetalTek’s aerospace customers design and build for commercial use.


Bearium In Various Forms

Proprietary hi-lead Bearium bronze is a material of choice for high friction applications.