Mining & Mineral

Temperature, Wear, And Corrosion Solutions For The Cement, Lime, Coal, And Iron Ore Industries

Mining applications are characterized by high-temperature wear and corrosion. MetalTek’s expertise in heat and wear-resistant materials and commitment to quality help customers in mining industries improve the operating life of their products while keeping employees safe. We work with a range of applications, including cement manufacturers and coal miners to lime and iron ore manufacturers.

Wear inserts for traveling grate chains from MetalTek more than doubled the life of conventional steel in those applications. MetalTek’s proprietary alloys and comprehensive centrifugal casting capabilities allow us to provide bushings specifically designed to meet the high-friction demands of mining applications that are often difficult to service or maintain. Sand castings from MetalTek’s Carondelet Division stand up to the extreme wear demands of high-volume taconite processing for steel production. These are just a few examples of how MetalTek can help in the extreme temperature, wear and corrosion demands of the mining industry.

MetalTek’s mining customers get more than just metal castings. They get technical expertise and depth of experience that allows them to realize improved performance and longer product life in some of the most demanding conditions possible.

Typical Mining & Mineral Products

  • Burner tips

  • Bushings

  • Cooler grates

  • Grate bars

  • Iron ore feeder rolls

  • Kiln nose rings

  • Pallet cars

  • Precipitator thimbles

  • Traveling grate components

typical mining & mineral applications

  • Cement manufacturing

  • Coal mining (surface and underground)

  • Copper smelting

  • Crushers

  • Direct Reduction of Iron (DRI)

  • Iron ore manufacturing

  • Lime manufacturing

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MetalTek has a wide range of mining and mineral products for numerous applications. From burner tips and pallet cars to traveling grate components and bushings. Below are common mining and mineral solutions we offer.

Bushings For Mining Industry

Bushings for Mining Industry

Versatile processes and wide material choice for bushing applications.

Traveling Grate - Ore Care For Mining

Traveling Grate / Ore Car

Long life components save operators money and keep their facilities running.


Bearium In Various Forms

Proprietary hi-lead Bearium bronze is a material of choice for high friction applications.