Turbine Engine

High-Integrity Components For The Flight And Land-Based Turbine Engine Industry

In the turbine engine market, quality is not compromised. Our flight turbine engine products do not just have to meet high standards; they simply can never fail. MetalTek has decades of experience delivering quality components that keep travelers safe. The reliability of our manufacturing processes has made MetalTek a leading supplier of compressor cases on many of the world’s most successful flight turbine engine programs. Our applications range from high bypass turbofan engines and jet engines to marine power and mechanical drives. Explore more of MetalTek’s applications and engine products below.

Land-based turbine customers producing large, tight-tolerance systems confront multiple stresses and elevated temperatures. MetalTek has unique shaping capabilities that help us deliver significant long-term cost savings compared to other manufacturing processes for these power generation applications. We combine this with the material integrity of the centrifugal process to deliver exceptional value to customers.

With a legacy spanning nearly half a century, MetalTek has been a trusted and reliable casting solutions provider for flight and land-based turbine engines.

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Typical Turbine Engine Products

  • Bearing supports

  • Combustor cases

  • Combustor hardware

  • Compressor cases

  • Exhaust diffusers

  • Fan cases

  • Fuel system components

  • Mandrels and forming dies

  • Stationary inlet guides

Typical Turbine Engine Applications

  • Auxiliary power generation

  • High bypass turbofan engines

  • Jet engines

  • Marine power

  • Mechanical drives

  • Turboprop engines

Certifications and Compliance

  • ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)

  • AS9100D (QMS)

  • Nadcap (non-destructive testing)

  • Nadcap (laboratory testing)

  • Nadcap (heat treating)

  • Nadcap (in-process welding)

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We are dedicated to the turbine engine market to ensure that customers get the technical expertise, quality, and reliability they deserve. Explore a selection of our top solutions for the turbine engine industry.

Near-Net Shaped Turbine Engine Cases

Near-Net Shaped Turbine Engine Cases

Near-net centrifugals are the most cost effective solution for heavy wall cases.

Tooling Mandrel

Tooling Mandrel

Centrifugally cast tooling can provide 5 times longer tool life than traditional fabricated assemblies.

Combustor Case

Combustor Case

Reliable and cost effective net shaped combustor case.

Combustor Basket

Combustor Basket

Critical turbine engine applications call for the integrity and detail.

Ignition Inlet Guide Vane

Ignition Inlet Guide Vane

Investment casting delivers the ability to design and produce components with very thin sections.

Jet Engine Fin Tooling Die

Jet Engine Fin Tooling Die

Engineers and metallurgists at MetalTek’s Carondelet Division worked with the customer to review tooling designs for material selection and gating.