Power Transfer

High-strength and high-wear components for the toughest power transfer applications

MetalTek helps push the limits of performance for tough, high-wear power transfer applications.  Centrifugal casting is the metal casting process of choice for round wear components such as crane drums and bushings.  Proprietary Bearium bronze is an established leading option for applications where friction is extreme, or ongoing lubrication is difficult.  Finish machined components are provided from multiple locations for quick turnaround jobs for wear-resistant applications.

MetalTek metallurgists recommended changes to a customer’s specifications for landing gear components, moving to components made of AMS 4880.  This nickel aluminum bronze alloy matched the high-wear demands of the application while providing cost savings over forgings.  MetalTek’s extensive stock of rectangular, hollow, and solid AMS 4880 enables quick delivery of bushings, sleeves, and other shaped parts.

With a broad range of alloys and metal casting processes, MetalTek has the technical expertise to help power transfer customers increase performance and manage costs while meeting the growing demands of their industries.  

Typical power transfer products

  • Bearings

  • Bushings

  • Crane drums

  • Gear blanks

  • Wear rings

Typical power transfer applications

  • Construction equipment

  • Cranes

  • Drives

  • Gear boxes and speed changers

  • Hoists

  • Landing gear

  • Machine tools

  • Winches

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Centrifugal Cast Gear Blanks

Centrifugal Cast Gear Blanks

Gear blanks with homogeneous grain structure that promotes even wear.

Gear Blanks

Gear Blanks

Continuous cast gear blanks simplify post processing.

Jack Nuts

Jack Nuts

Tight process controls help products perform beyond expectations