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Cast Grade: SC 8630

OVERVIEW: Alloys for general structural use.

TYPICAL USES: Cylinders, hollow shafts, piping, rolls.

MetalTek Grade: MTEK 8630

Similar Specifications

Cast UNS: J13095

Cast Grade: SC 8630

Cast ASTM: A915, A732, A958

Wrought UNS: G86300

Wrought Grade: AISI 8630

Typical Chemical Composition (% by wt.)

Cr: 0.50


Mn: 1.00

Ni: 0.50

Si: 0.50

C Max: 0.30

Other: Mo 0.20

Minimum Mechanical Properties

Tensile, ksi: 150

Tensile, MPa: 1030

Yield, ksi: 115

Yield, MPa: 793

Elongation %: 7

Heat Treatment: Norm, Quench and Temper