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Cast Grade: CT15C MOD

OVERVIEW: Low carbon, niobium-strengthened alloy offers superior creep rupture strength over conventional 20-32Nb / CT15C.  Service limit 1040 degrees Celsius (1900 degrees Fahrenheit).

TYPICAL USES: Petrochemical furnaces.

MetalTek Grade: MTEK SUPER 20-32Nb

Similar Specifications

Cast UNS: N08151

Cast Grade: CT15C MOD

Cast ASTM: A351

Wrought UNS: N08811

Typical Chemical Composition (% by wt.)

Cr: 20

Mn: 1.25

Ni: 33

Si: 0.60

C Max: 0.12

Other: Nb 0.90; Others 0.50 MAX

Minimum Mechanical Properties

Tensile, ksi: 63

Tensile, MPa: 435

Yield, ksi: 25

Yield, MPa: 170

Elongation %: 25

Heat Treatment: NOT HEAT TREATED