Alloy Grade UNS: MTEK 375 – Aluminum Bronze Alloy

  • Overview

    An extremely hard aluminum bronze alloy, MTEK 375 possesses unusually high compressive strength, very high resistance to wear and abrasion, very good antifriction qualities, and superior non-galling and non-scratching characteristics.

  • Typical Uses

    Die inserts and rings, forming rolls and dies, slitter wheels.

  • MetalTek Grade

    MTEK 375

Similar Specifications

Typical Chemical Composition (% by wt.)

Aluminum: 14.5

Carbon: n/a

Chromium: n/a

Manganese: n/a

Iron: 5.5

Copper: BAL

Nickel: n/a

Lead: n/a

Tin: n/a

Silicon: n/a

Zinc: n/a

Other: Plus proprietary elements

Minimum Mechanical Properties

Brinell 3000 KG Min


Brinell 3000 KG Typical: