Alloy Grade UNS: HP – Higher Chrome and Nickel

  • Overview

    This alloy has higher chrome and nickel content which provides increased strength and resistance to both oxidation and carburization. It also has great corrosion resistance. There is a service limit of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (980 degrees Celsius).

  • Typical Uses

    Heat treatment and calciner components, reformer and ethylene pyrolysis tubes and fittings.

  • MetalTek Grade

    MTEK 25-35

Similar Specifications

Cast UNS: N08705

Cast Grade: HP

Cast ASTM: A297

Typical Chemical Composition (% by wt.)

Aluminum: n/a

Carbon: 0.35-0.75

Chromium: 24-28

Manganese: 2

Iron: n/a

Copper: n/a

Nickel: 33-37

Lead: n/a

Tin: n/a

Silicon: 2.5

Zinc: n/a

Minimum Mechanical Properties

Tensile, ksi


Tensile, MPa


Yield, ksi


Yield, MPa




Heat Treatment: Not Heat Treated