Alloy Grade UNS: MTEK MA-1 – High Temp Strength

  • Overview

    MTEK MA-1 is a proprietary alloy that produces good high-temperature strength and carburization resistance. The service limit is 2155 degrees Fahrenheit (1180 degrees Celsius). It is typically used for petrochemical DRI and reformer applications. Contact us to learn more about this alloy.

  • Typical Uses

    Petrochemical furnaces, including radiant and convection section supports and hangers.

  • MetalTek Grade

    MTEK MA-1

Similar Specifications

Typical Chemical Composition (% by wt.)

Aluminum: n/a

Carbon: n/a

Chromium: n/a

Manganese: n/a

Iron: n/a

Copper: n/a

Nickel: n/a

Lead: n/a

Tin: n/a

Silicon: n/a

Zinc: n/a

Other: Proprietary Cr-Ni-Fe-W-Co alloy designed specifically for DRI and reformer applications

Minimum Mechanical Properties