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By: Dave Olsen

Bronze castings


  • HIGH TENSILE (C86300) Manganese Bronze


  • Family of bronzes primarily known for its extremely high strength and ability to resist the corrosive effects of seawater and brine. Often referred to as Yellow Brass.

Manganese Bronze Material Properties – Why select this material

  • Tensile strengths range from 60,000 psi to 110,000 psi and are readily obtainable depending on the composition of the alloy chosen.
  • Great care must be taken when using these manganese bronze alloys as bearings because manganese bronze and steel do not wear well together. Wear is rapid, and under high loads and speed, a seizure can occur. Alignment must be precise and positive lubrication is essential.

Applications – Frequent manganese uses

  • Trunnion bearings
  • Heavily stressed gears, worm gears, and worms
  • Gearshift forks
  • Impellers
  • Highly stressed machine parts.

For guidance in selecting the appropriate manganese bronze in your application, contact us.

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