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By: Dave Olsen

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  • Martensitic Stainless Steels.


  • The addition of sufficient carbon to alloys of chromium and iron results in alloys that are true steels in that they can be hardened and tempered. Their structure upon rapid cooling from temperatures above 1600°F / 870°C is chiefly martensitic.  

Martensitic Steel Properties – Why select this material

  • Magnetic
  • Hardenable
  • Hardness range: 170 to 287 BHN annealed; 300 to 625 BHN hardened
  • Weldable but generally require preheating and heat treatment after welding
  • Corrosion resistance fair to good and best when fully hardened

Typical Alloys in this family

  • MTEK 410 (J91150)
  • MTEK 416
  • MTEK 420 (J91153)
  • MTEK 431
  • MTEK 440 family

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