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By: Dave Olsen

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Precipitation hardening steels have high strength and weight ratio making them an ideal material for a range of applications.

The need for stainless steels that would combine the excellent corrosion resistance of the austenitic types with the ability to be hardened by heat treatment led to the development of a family of stainless steels known as PH types. They can be precipitation (age) hardened at lower temperatures (900°F / 480°C) which helps to minimize distortion.  Low aging temperatures mean that there is little danger of cracking, distortion or oxidation of machined surfaces.  And the materials offer good machining and welding properties.   

The PH family of stainless materials are exceptionally strong, tough alloys. They are versatile metals and a wide range of properties and hardness can be obtained by varying the aging temperature in heat treatment.  When fully hardened, PH steels can deliver high strength to weight ratios.  They are widely used in service requiring both corrosion resistance and high strength up to 600°F / 320°C.

Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels MTEK 17-4PH and MTEK 15-5PH:

  • Magnetic
  • Hardenable
  • Hardness range: 275 to 440 BHN
  • Weldable
  • Corrosion resistance better than most ferritic and martensitic types.

For guidance in selecting the appropriate precipitation hardening stainless steel in your application, contact us.

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