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By: Dave Olsen

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  • MTEK 844 (C84400) and MTEK 85-5-5-5 (C83600) Red brasses


  • General utility alloys where reasonable strength and non-corrosive properties are demanded.  

Mechanical Properties of Red Brass – Why select this material

  • Relatively light loads.
  • Good lubrication is possible.
  • Excellent machinability.

Applications – Frequent uses

  • Air and gas fittings, pipe fittings
  • Faucets
  • General hardware fittings
  • Lightly stressed gears


  • MTEK 85-5-5-5 (C83600) and MTEK 844 (C84400)


  • Medium duty red brass.
  • Properties between the two alloys do not vary much, but C83600 is often more expensive because of higher tin content.

Properties – Why select this material

  • C84400 is a variation of C83600 in that zinc and lead have replaced part of the copper and tin. The results are a reduction in cost and a small reduction in strength.
  • Due to the alloying adjustments, there is a large reduction in the ability of C84400 to wear well with steel, and it is rarely used in a bearing application.

Applications – Frequent uses

  • Plumbing-ware and fittings.
  • May be used in bearing but only in where adequately lubricated.

For guidance in selecting the appropriate red brass in your application, contact us.

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