Metal Casting

MetalTek offers more metal casting process diversity. Your ability to source centrifugal, sand, investment, HPLT, or continuous cast products from a single company is not available anywhere else in the world.

Not sure which precision casting process is right for your components or application? 

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Centrifugal casting delivers round components of high material soundness and some shaping

Net-shaping can be readily added to parts with sand or ceramic split dies

The sand process is very versatile and cost effective for shaped parts in any quantity

Investment castings feature fine detail and surface finish, thin walls, internal structure

Continuous cast is used to reduce machining cost by casting in a near-net shaped profile

HPLT technology creates castings of very high material soundness for no-weld applications

Centrifugals deliver very high performance alloy properties by casting in vacuum

AOD refining brings tight chemistry control to deliver the highest levels of ingot purity