MetalTek International: Multiple Global Locations To Meet Your Needs

MetalTek is unique in the diversity of casting and metalworking processes that we bring to our customers. This range of capability and expertise in heat, wear, and corrosion-resistant alloy products is not available from a single source anywhere else in the world. Organizing combined and diverse metals processes into a single “One MetalTek” approach, the structure allows customers to access adjacent and complementary capabilities with a single call.

Customers benefit from MetalTek's concurrent engineering capabilities and deep metallurgical experience with hundreds of heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys. We work harder to understand your application, and can recommend the optimal casting and manufacturing method to deliver the performance that you need, because we are uniquely positioned to offer them all. Broad in-house machining capabilities, fabrication facilities, rigorous quality systems, advanced testing and certifications assure the job is done right.

The MetalTek history of providing parts globally into the world's most demanding environments speaks for itself.  Long term stability and deep relationships bring customers back time and time again. Whether it's finished machined bronze bushings, large fabrications for petrochemical applications, complex investment castings for defense applications, or a forging conversion that leverages capabilities from multiple facilities, customers rely on our technical and metallurgical expertise.

The premier centrifugal casting facility in North America with worldwide reach

State-of-the-art investment castings for high end markets. Including uniquely large parts

Global leader in paper mill suction rolls and industrial centrifugal casting technology

Serving Europe and the world with high-integrity centrifugal castings

High alloy ferrous sand castings for heat, wear, and corrosion resistant applications.

The world's only source for proprietary Bearium material for high wear applications

Supply integrator in energy and environmental markets for heat, wear, and corrosion