Market Presence

MetalTek International serves 5,000+ customers worldwide in over 35 countries.

Blue Chip companies in nearly every industry rely on MetalTek. This diversity offers our customers a level of stability and reliability that specialty shops just can't match.  Plus, materials, expertise, and solutions developed for a demanding application in one market are readily transferred to others. In addition, MetalTek International holds a long list of Certifications in many demanding markets like nuclear, aerospace, defense, and petrochemical ranging from ASME to NADCAP to Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

MetalTek Sales Engineers are industry specialists and understand the demands and subtleties of their markets. In regular customer satisfaction research, customers say that MetalTek people understand not only their own business, but also the issues that are important to their customers and to their customers’ industries. We only succeed when you are successful.

Products of the highest reliability for engineered aerospace applications

Mission-critical applications on land, sea, and in the air for over 70 years

Material and shaping for high temperature corrosion resistance

Food equipment manufacturers demand high alloy, fine surface finish, and intricate shaping

From huge wear rings to wicket gate bushings to turbine components - from an expert source

Materials of high strength and corrosion resistance for offshore applications

Providing multiple casting solutions to the Cement, Lime, Coal, and Iron Ore industries

Serving the Nuclear Power market with assured compliance and exceptional service

Leading global provider of high temperature furnace components and assemblies

Customers rely on us as a leader in materials that deliver strength and wear resistance

The industry's most diverse metals and processes - MetalTek delivers what you need

World's leading independent producer of suction rolls and shells for more than 100 years

Expertise in heat, wear, and corrosion help keep customer plants running efficiently

Industry's leading flight and land-based turbine engine customers partner with MetalTek