Vertical Centrifuge Components

When a company’s regular supplier failed to meet delivery requirements, they came to MetalTek for assistance. Working with the client as a Metals Partner, MetalTek met their needs manufacturing centrifuge bowls out of Ferralium® 255 to obtain a balance of corrosion resistance, strength, and machinability. MetalTek routinely makes and pours over 400 alloys and our Metallurgists can assist you in selecting the proper one for your application. High speed rotating equipment like centrifuges rely on bowls that are balanced and consistent in shape and density. Those are qualities that describe centrifugal castings and make them a natural selection for this application. Centrifugal castings keep their inherent round shape, and their homogeneous grain structure produces consistent finish‐machined product. Perfect for centrifuge bowls. This is just one of countless examples where MetalTek acted as a solution provider for a customer.

Vertical Centrifuge Components

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