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3D Metal Printing

3D Metal Printing and Metal Casting

May 6, 2022

As 3D metal printing becomes more commercially viable, it is tempting to assume that it represents a direct and immediate threat to traditional metal casting processes.  However, like any technology 3D printing has advantages and disadvantages compared to competing processes.  This article reviews the advantages and disadvantages of using 3D printing to produce metal components…

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What You May Not Know About MetalTek

What You May Not Know About MetalTek

April 19, 2022

MetalTek exists for the expressed purpose of Making A Lasting Difference.  This purpose is supported by four core values and corresponding beliefs.  The formal articulation of these values, beliefs, and behaviors is relatively new but the culture they represent goes back decades.  MetalTek can trace its history to the opening of Carondelet Foundry in St.…

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MetalTek On-Site Hiring Event

MetalTek To Hold On-Site Hiring Event on Thursday, April 21 in Waukesha, WI

April 7, 2022

MetakTek is thrilled to announce that our Wisconsin Centrifugal Division will hold an on-site hiring event on Thursday, April 21 from 10 AM to 6 PM at 905 East Saint Paul Avenue in Waukesha, WI. We are excited to meet potential new employees at the event. MetalTek has an excellent employee safety record, a vibrant…

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Sand Casting

What to Consider in Metal Casting Design

March 28, 2022

From large projects to small production runs, selecting the appropriate metal casting process to achieve the desired design can be difficult.  MetalTek focuses on three primary metal casting processes: centrifugal casting, sand casting, and investment casting.  Each comes with numerous design considerations ranging from overall shape to surface finish to dimensional tolerance.  This article focuses…

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Port Containers

Domestic Sourcing vs. International Sourcing of Metal Castings

March 1, 2022

When a North American manufacturer considers where to source metal castings, the choice typically involves domestic sourcing (North America) versus international sourcing (outside North America).  There are several considerations when making this decision as a customer.  These considerations can range from cost to the overall nature of the supplier relationship. The choice is not typically…

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Investment Casting Parts

Considerations When Specifying and Purchasing Metal Castings

February 14, 2022

Metal casting is a complex process that requires numerous considerations when purchasing, including casting design, the metal casting process to be used, and quality control factors.  Ultimately, there are many considerations in metal casting and there is no “one size fits all” solution.  Therefore, we developed an outline of the various considerations when a customer…

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Stephanie Langer CPO - MetalTek

Stephanie Langer Joins MetalTek As Chief People Officer

January 26, 2022

I am excited to announce that Stephanie Langer joined the MetalTek team on Wednesday, January 26 as Chief People Officer. In this newly created role she will develop and execute MetalTek’s workforce strategy across our five global divisions. Stephanie brings to MetalTek invaluable experience leading human resource teams across a range of manufacturing, service, and…

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Sandusky International & Sandusky Limited: Leaders Ready To Serve Your Pulp & Paper Application Needs

January 10, 2022

The Sandusky International and Sandusky Limited Divisions of MetalTek have been the worldwide leaders in manufacturing paper roll shells since pioneering centrifugal casting more than a century ago. For those familiar with the Sandusky name but not MetalTek, we joined the MetalTek International family of casting foundries in 2010. However, we are still the same…

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Sandusky Pulp And Paper

Case Study: Custom Manufactured Stainless-Steel Suction Press Roll Shell

January 10, 2022

This case study featured a duplex stainless-steel suction press roll shell custom manufactured by Sandusky International for a papermaking machine application. Beginning with a customer-approved drawing, we developed a manufacturing plan. After centrifugal casting and heat treating the suction press roll shell, made from duplex stainless steel “Alloy 86“, we used a combination of machining…

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Sandusky Metal Pour

How To Select Suction Roll Shell Material For Pulp And Paper Applications

January 6, 2022

There is a significant difference among suction roll shell alloys. When properly selected, the material will withstand the aggressive corrosive attacks of white-water chemistry and temperature, felt cleaning chemicals, machine speed, roll load, and cyclic stresses of operation. Sandusky brings you more suction roll shell specific manufacturing and metallurgical experience than any other company in…

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