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Who do the world’s leading companies partner with to manufacture critical components for their world-class products? MetalTek International.

With 1,000’s of customers in more than 35 countries, MetalTek International is one of the world’s leading suppliers of alloy components for high temperature, wear, and corrosion environments and high-compliance industries. Unique in our ability to provide fabricated assemblies, finish machined components, centrifugal, static, continuous, and investment castings from multiple international facilities. We have the long history, financial stability, manufacturing resources, and quality systems and pedigrees to make them a preferred source of many of the world’s leading companies.

But even beyond our physical capabilities, we partner with you to make your products and businesses better. We bring the people and knowhow that have made us a leader in the supply of components for demanding industries like petrochemical, turbine engine, nuclear, defense, and dozens of others. Broad industry experience helps us recognize and solve your problems.  Integrated manufacturing processes assure your product is right.  Our 80+ degreed engineers and 20+ metallurgists help develop alloys that improve the life and performance of your products.

High customer satisfaction and retention scores bring customers back time and again. That is what sets MetalTek International apart.

MetalTek International. Because You Demand More Than Metal.

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MetalTek's family of companies can trace their roots back into the 1800's