Blog Case Study: Custom Manufactured Stainless-Steel Suction Press Roll Shell

This case study featured a duplex stainless-steel suction press roll shell custom manufactured by Sandusky International for a papermaking machine application. Beginning with a customer-approved drawing, we developed a manufacturing plan. After centrifugal casting and heat treating the suction press roll shell, made from duplex stainless steel “Alloy 86“, we used a combination of machining and drilling to finish the product.

Sandusky Pulp And Paper

First, we rough turned the suction press roll shell. We then rough bored the suction press roll shell, followed by finish boring and turning. The suction press roll shell was then gun drilled with the specified hole diameters and orientation for the application.

The final suction press roll featured a 63 RMS surface finish, measured 60″ (1524mm) on the outside diameter, 53″ (1346) on the inside diameter, and measured 394″ (10,007mm) in length. The entire duplex stainless-steel suction roll shell weighed 54,303 lbs. (24,631kg).

To guarantee the integrity of the “Alloy 86” duplex stainless-steel suction press roll shell, a quality inspector performed in-process testing. Additionally, we conducted chemical analysis, dye penetration testing, tensile testing, and Brinell hardness testing. When the part had passed all tests and met all required standards and specifications, we packaged and delivered it to our North American Papermaking OEM client for delivery to a US Paper Manufacturer.

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Additional Details

Product DescriptionThis custom manufactured suction press roll is used within a papermaking machine.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesCentrifugal Casting
Heat Treatment
Non-Destructive Testing (LPI)
End Drilling
Overall Part DimensionsFinished Size:
O.D.: 60″
I.D.: 53″
Length: 394″
Material UsedSandusky Duplex Stainless Steel “Alloy 86”
Surface Finish63 RMS
Typical OperationsCasting:
• Melt
• Cast
• Shake Out
• Clean
• Heat Treat

• Rough Turn
• Rough Bore
• Finish Bore
• Finish Turn
• Gun Drilling
• End Drilling
In process testing performedChemical Analysis
In Process testing Performed by Qualified Inspector
Dye Penetrant Testing – 100%
Tensile Testing
Brinell Hardness Testing
Components ProcuredStuds
Estimated Part Weight54,303 lbs.
Product NameSuction Press Roll Shell
Centrifugal Casting BenefitsEnsures O.D. and I.D. are Inherently Cylindrical & Concentric
Inherently Round
No Weld Seam

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