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By: Dave Olsen

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  • Ferritic Stainless Steels.


  • Stainless steels owe their ability to resist corrosion primarily to the presence of a passive film on their surface, chiefly caused by the presence of chromium. Iron ceases to rust at approximately 12% chromium content and resistance to oxidizing corrosives increases rapidly with chromium content up to about 20%. Beyond that level, resistance is increased at a more gradual and declining rate, so very few stainless alloys contain more than 27% chromium. Alloys composed principally of chromium and iron, with low carbon content, have a crystal structure that is chiefly ferrite.  

Ferritic Stainless Steel Material Properties – Why select this material

  • Magnetic
  • Non-hardenable
  • Hardness range: 150 to 255 BHN
  • Weldable but tends to be brittle unless annealed after welding
  • Corrosion resistance good to excellent in oxidizing environments

Typical Alloys in this family

  • MTEK 405
  • MTEK 430

For guidance in selecting the appropriate ferritic stainless steel in your application, contact us.

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