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By: Dave Olsen

The Aerospace and Defense industry stretches the limits of performance and as a result, these markets demand perfection. Engineering collaboration with MetalTek helps meet those challenges with innovative products and processes. There are numerous examples of where MetalTek’s alloy development or process capability has enhanced the performance of components used in the Aerospace and Defense markets.

Below are just a few examples of MetalTek’s experience in these demanding markets.

Hub Body 1 -W Hub Body For Naval DestroyersExhaust Manifold -W
Exhaust Manifold For Army Tanks
Landing Gear Parts -W Landing Gear Components For Aircraft
Firing Check Valve -W Firing Check Valve For Naval ApplicationsBellmouth -W Tow Bellmouth For Littoral Combat ShipWinch Drums -W Winch Drums For Navy Ships
Combustor Cover -W Combustor Cover For Army TanksPentagon Memorial -W Benches For Pentagon MemorialAirflow Body -W Airflow Body For Aircraft
Rocket Nozzle -W Rocket Engine Nozzle
Injector Dome -W
Injector Dome For Rocket Engines
Fuel Manifold -W Fuel Manifold For Aircraft

To learn more, visit our aerospace market page or our defense market page or contact us today.

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